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WHOLESALE, Retail & Bulk Options

Our products are kept in stock all the time, we have the capacity to sell by the bag or bulk. Contact today for more information and pricing on any of our products, we offer retail and wholesale pricing to suit everyone's needs.

We can fill any order and have it ready for pick-up or deliver it to your door according to your schedule.

Trailer Loads:

  • Loads from 50 yard bin to 150 yard trailers.

Packaging Options

  • totes
  • bags
  • bales

Kwik Pik Bedding — Packaging Options

  • Bagged in 100% paper bags. Each bag is 1.7 cubic feet and there are 50 bags per pallet.
  • Bulk is available in dump loads, blown loads, or walking floor trailers up to 150 cubic yards capacity.


We offer different packaging options and load sizes to help everyone cash in on the savings. Give us a call today and let us know what your needs are so we can accommodating you.