Kwik Pik Bedding

Premium Kwik Pik Horse Bedding

Premium Kwik Pik Bedding

Made from a selected wood fibre. It`s fine texture quickly clumps when in contact with urine, and also leaves a fine coating on the manure to help prevent high ammonia levels and pooh spots. Clumping makes for a very "Kwik Pik". Furthermore, it will reduce your manure pile by as much as 50% or more compared to regular flake shavings and there is no need to add water, only the best from both worlds.

Benefits of using Kwik Pik Bedding

  • Stall maintenance is minimal, no need to totally gut the stall
  • Easy to sift and remove manure
  • Superior moisture absorption
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to handle
  • Quick to compost
  • Saves labour, time and water!
  • Many other uses than just horse bedding!

Reduce consumption, disposal, labour, waste, manure space and more. We are all about saving your money!