highest quality hardwood flour

Wood Flour



consistently clean & contaminant-free

Equipped with the latest in wood flour manufacturing technologies, our 20,000 sq.ft. facility produces the highest quality hardwood flour for a wide range of applications and products.

With over 60 years experience, we understand the importance of offering consistently clean and contaminant-free wood flour in a variety of particle sizes, and we use a quality-controlled 8 to 200 mesh size screening process to do so.

Whether you need bulk quantities by the truckload, supplied in tote bags, or valve-mouth bagged wood flour for easier handling of smaller quantities, we can fill any order and have it ready for pick-up or deliver it to your door according to your schedule.

Wood Flour is used as a filler, extender & enhanceR

Industrial Applications

Our manufacturing process delivers the latest technology to ensure the quality of every product, while achieving pinpoint accuracy when it comes to processing and screening. We are proud of the standards we have set and continue providing our growing international client base with natural, clean, reliable wood fibre products.



Adhesives & resins


Filtration SYSTEMS

Fuel Pellets



Plastics & MOLDING



Soil Additives


quality-controlled 8 to 200 mesh size screening process

Types of Wood Flour